Saturday, September 26

A Shopaholic's Success!

Success: Bought this nice dark purple viscose scarf at Terranova earlier for 399 roubles. Would look nice with my gray Cedarwood trench coat. Or my maroon C2CLook trench coat. OWNED!!!

Success: Bought this sleek green viscose scarf also from Terranova for 399 roubles. Looks good in most of my autumn/winter apparel - especially my O'STIN army green coat. OWNED!!!

Next Mission:

Which one of these Francesco Donni bags I should buy?
1. Canvas Duffle bag, 1690 roubles.
2. Leather Tote bag, 1790 roubles.
3. Hard Canvas Portfolio bag, 1790 roubles.

OH NO. The shopping craze has just begun...O_o

The future of my Winter Ultimate Shopping Spree in Central Europe is somewhat uncertain.