Saturday, June 6

Under The Stairs

This is a song I recently wrote, composed, and produced. I think it is quite good for a first attempt. Hope you will enjoy it!

Under The Stairs
Words and Music by Maksim Markusevich

Just when I thought that only birds sing together
And only school kids walk down the streets in pairs
Maybe in life, some things don’t last forever,
They remain alone, like the moth shadowed under the stairs

Being alone, all by itself – I wonder,
How calm, how tranquil, the tiny moth it lay,
However it seems, it will be alone no longer,
A second moth fluttered by and decided to stay

Chorus: I guess everything will have
Someone to be with and to share
And maybe – now its my turn to say
That I had been given another chance
To be like the birds singing together
Like the school kids walking together
Im no longer alone, alone under the stairs…

Just like the moth, that one little moth, under the stairs,
I used to hide away by myself – in the shadows
Then out of the blue, walking down the stairs, I heard footsteps
You came and sat with me, under the stairs.


It was you, who came
To be with me, under the stairs
Sitting here will never be the same
Thanks to you, this is no more a scary place
Being close to you melts all the doubts and fears away
No longer I am afraid to pave my way….my way…

I guess everything will have
Someone to be with and to share
And maybe, maybe, maybe - I get to say
When you gave me your hand, with that smile on your face
Hand in hand we both leave this dark place
Leaving nothing behind, not even a trace
Im no longer alone, alone under the stairs
No longer alone, under the stairs…