Wednesday, July 1

Journey Back Home

On the 26th of June 2008, I left Kursk at last for my summer holidays. I was happy that I was finally coming back home. The only funny thing was - this year felt so fast. I mean, from September 2007 - June 2008 felt just like a breeze. I felt as if I started my 4th year just a few days ago, then in a flicker of an eye - hey, its time to go home already!

Well, although the thought of being at home made me excited to a near-orgasm point, the reality of the 2-day journey back home from Moscow to Kota Kinabalu made me shudder. No, I was not referring to the "no-toilet-in-the-bus" dilemma, but more like the "oh-no-i-shall-not-be-bathing-for-2-days" dilemma. Sigh, all the stickiness and dirt on the skin....ugh. YUCK. But you know as wise men said, NO PAIN NO GAIN. So there I the bus, starting my epic journey home.

Now, just look at the green fields! They're just spread all over the Russian countryside, untouched. So serene was the view, and breathtaking - enought to compel me to get down the bus and start taking pictures here and there. And the sun was just nice, not too bright, not too hot - just NICE.

Okay, now after the agonizing 7 hour bus ride from Kursk to Moscow, we finally reached Domodedovo International Airport. Here, we saw some asian-looking youths wearing surgical masks and we decided they are the kiasu Malaysian students from other parts of Russia. Might be that they are too kiasu up to the point that they started wearing the masks starting from NOW itself. Oh well, we decided to only wear our masks when we touch down in Bangkok 10 hours later. We don't want to be looked upon as wierdos or anything LOL.

At Domodedovo Int'l Airport - life takes a different pace. Everybody seems to be rushing, to and fro - but on their faces rarely I see traces of stress and worry. Maybe everyone is excited to get to another new place, or going back home or stuff like that. Oh look, there's a cool ad on the ceiling - the word GO is made up of items arranged like a picture collage or something. Just look at the queue - now THAT is what I call busy. This will take forever, just to check in.

On board the Thai Airways flight, we sank our tired bottoms into the plush colorful seats. Ahh, at last we are another step closer to coming back home. I just love the air-cond inside the aircraft, its such a contrast to the hot summer air outside. We were looking forward to the meals later lol - oh, and not forgetting the in-flight entertainment. After browsing through the media menu - I found the movie that I really wanted to watch since my winter trip to the UK. I didn't get to watch "He's Not So Into You" while I was in Birmingham. So I'm definitely going to watch this first! Then next...well - what else do they have in store? Hmmm - "The Legend of Chun Li"? Okay and the last one ... I'm just taking a wildcard - "The Race to Witch Mountain". Okay these three movies shall keep me entertained for the freaking 10 hours. Oh yeah, and the food was great by the way :)

This is one of the
lovely stewardesses on board - she asked if she could take a picture with me :) Of course, it was a pleasure to do so. And just look at the colorful interior of the aircraft - isn't that a lovely sight?

WOW - the food was amazing. I don't really remember what the menu was - all i know it was white rice with stewed pork, some pickled veggies with yoghurt cake and the tasty little croissant - with a mini Caesar Salad! Oh, and not forgetting the generous splash of apple juice! (I got extra refills everytime, thanks to the lovely stewardess :P)

So...after the 10 hours of sitting on board, at last we reached Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand. Nothing much we did here, just we started wearing our masks, then shopped for some souvenirs, and took a lot of photos around the interesting corners of the airport!

As you all know, the H1N1 scare is the most latest buzz around - thus the prophylactic surgical mask usage. Then we took pics here and there at the interesting stuff that is happening around the airport!

After 2 hours of transiting, we finally got on board our flight to KL. Oh yeah, and around that moment, we got to know that Michael Jackson had passed away - R.I.P., M.J.

3 hours later, we all safely landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Then we had to wait for err...7 hours for our flight back to Kota Kinabalu. And for the record, I finally managed to take my long-awaited bath in the toilet of the arrival hall. XD.

-The End-