Sunday, May 24

Red Devils Man Utd Night

Last night, it was the birthday party for our dear KMSA president, Mr. Jeyendiran Kanagarajah, or affectionately called by all - ABANG J.

It was supposed to be a surprise party for him at Blondie Club - but apparently, he wasn't SO SURPRISED, albeit the really grand theme and atmosphere in the club. Maybe someone leaked out something already LOL.

Everyone came in red or in jerseys in honor of the night's theme, despite a few who failed to do so. But no hard feelings y'all! XD Anyway everyone had fun, no?

Music was great last night, thanks to DJ Ian - songs were ranging from Abang J's years i.e. 70's (YMCA, Ghostbusters, Celebrate etc.) to contemporary songs that you will usually hear in clubs nowadays.

I was there from 10.30 p.m. till 3.30 a.m. I wanted to hang out longer, just that:

1) Tomorrow, or to be exact LATER - I have to attend mass. Luckily its at 2 p.m. so I could get some shut-eye lol.

2) Maybe I danced a little bit too much - I ended up having painful cramps in my rectus muscles. Hope that tighter abs will be the result of that!

3) I was hungry and tired. I lost 2L of water in the form of excessive sweat and 2500 KCals of energy.

4) My contact lenses were starting to feel like as if they are in the Sahara.

I had a great time last night and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABANG J! Wishing you all the best and may the good Lord bless you!

Monday, May 18

Eurovision 2009

The latest Eurovision Song Contest 2009 left me in a very topsy turvy condition. I've been watching the show for 3 days straight - from the preliminaries to the final competition itself. Not to mention all the additional clips that I foraged from YouTube.

I still can't believe that I actually voted for the Eurovision winner this year! Thanks to the endless persuasion of my nagging friend, Arveen - I went to pump up my phone credit late at night. So - I decided that I am going to only vote ONCE and ONCE only - so after a long deliberation, I decided to put my bet on Norway's Alexander Rybak. I had to choose because 44 roubles per vote was DAMN EXPENSIVE!

So, needless to say - my favourite, and obviously the favorite of the whole of Europe too, won the competition by a large margin. Followed closely by Iceland (I don't know how she got so high up to 2nd place) and Azerbaijan (A typical performance, for me it was quite boring).

Here are my favourites of this year's contest:

Alexander Rybak from Norway

Obviously the star of the night. His "Fairytale" was a real fairytale indeed. He delivered a powerful and convincing performance, which you can watch several times without getting bored - although his vocals weren't the best - but I believe his showmanship covers up his vocal flaws. The arrangement of the song has a very strong folk music influence, which I believe it resembles Europe's ethnic music. And not forgetting his good looks, and his amazing skill with his violin, I cannot say more - he was definitely the winner of the night, the winner of Eurovision 2009!

Chiara from Malta

I just love her voice! She sings so amazingly - like an angel! "What If We" has a very epic feel to the song, just like a song for the Olympics or something like that. I thought that she sang better in the preliminaries, maybe she got stage jitters on the final night - but still, her show was breathtaking. However, she might not appeal to the young crowd as her song is more of a diva-kind of song. You know, like Mariah Carey-ish or Celine Dion-ish kind of songs. And her stage presence may be a little bit lacking - as she didn't use over-the-top pyrotechnics, or over-hyped dancers as the other contestants. But I like her effects though - makes her seem to be floating among the stars. Anyway - I still love her!

Anastasia Prihodko from Russia

Ahh - our girl. For me she is the most interesting contestant in this competition. FYI - of all the contestants, she was my favorite. She had a lot of controversy going on about her song choice, her nationality, and a lot more. But for me, I am judging her based upon her song and her singing talents only - I don't care if she is Ukrainian and she is representing Russia. "Mamo" is a very dark song, with a deep meaning to it. Coupled with her rare contralto voice - the song for me was a very catchy one. I would personally award her the Best Eurovision Song 2009 if I could. Truthfully, listening to it for the first time I was taken aback, shocked. Why would she be representing Russia? I didn't like the song then. But after hearing her sing repeatedly, I became addicted to it. Her performance in the finals was a melancholic one, albeit suitable, considering the mood of her song - but again, not everyone was a big fan of the aging Nastya on the big screens (but I was, I was moved by her performance - so emotional, so meaningful - unlike some other performances which were somehow pointless and tacky...). However in her official video - Nastja looked absolutely stunning! A very beautiful girl with long black hair and mysterious eyes with a sexy voice - a deadly combination indeed. No vseo ravno - ja tebe ljublju, Nastja!

Sakis Rouvas from Greece

This guy is the mediterranean version of Ricky Martin. A Greek God if you could say so. His 1000-megawatt smile with his to-die-for body and his sun-kissed good looks would melt any girl watching him. "This is Our Night" is your typical techno-dance kind of song, so vocals don't really play a big role here. What matters is the package of the singer (no pun intended XD). Although his dance moves were really over-the-top, and his mini-shirt was kind of distracting but hey - he knows that sex appeal sells. But then, I love songs of these genre so I can't help but listening to and moving with the beat. Go go Sakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Malena Ernman from Sweden

This woman has a seriously amazing voice! For a woman of her age - taking care of the mezzosoprano voice is not an easy task. "La Voix" is also one my favorite songs of the competition, being a techno-dance song but with a twist to it. Malena took the song to soaring heights with her amazing voice range! I never knew you can sing in an opera-ish way but still sounds excellent with a techno music beat in the background. I thought she would at least land in the top 5 but the opposite happened - she fell in the bottom 5. I guess the age factor was really taking the toll on Malena. But she still looked very beautiful - apart from the suspected use of Botox (one of the explanations why she had a freaky, scary look on her face on stage). She should have deserved better! I got goosebumps watching her performance - certainly one of the best songs in this year's competition.

Niels Brinck from Denmark

Brinck is your typical bandboy - and he sounds quite like Ronan Keating. His song "Believe Again" for me was a nice and likeable song, and has a good market value for a pop commercial song. His performance was good but only safe - nothing over the top. But then its good as a rule. Nothing tacky, nothing cheesy. Just concentrating on the song and maybe a little bit on his rugged good looks. Maybe bandboys are out of season already - but I am not letting it go yet. Definitely a song for your iPod when you are sitting in a bus travelling :)

Wednesday, May 13

A Hidden Conspiracy: The Dean's Office

We need a permission letter from the dean's office so that we could sit for the Dermatology exam earlier. That means I have to pay a visit to the dean's office. Sigh. Not the dean's office.

A visit to the dean's office is simply traumatizing. Meet a bunch of women who are supposed to be sweet old ladies, trying to help every troubled student - maybe the other way around, ladies? They are affectionately known as The Deans. Oh, not to forget the ever-trusty secretary of theirs. So the title should read - "The Deans and the Secretary"

Mdm. Galina on the phone - trying to reach a leader of a group. She ended up complaining about whether she was listening to him or to the sound of music coming from his room. Behind her is Ms. Anya - the secretary. Looks busy typing huh? Let's zoom nearer, what is actually on screen...

Oh - so THAT is where that familiar "buzz" sounds were from. She was chatting on Yahoo Messenger. I thought it was my Mig33 application beeping.

That was the "clinical picture" that I saw in the dean's office as I waited for an audience with Mdm. Antropolskaya. Then, I got the chance:

Me: Dravstvujte Mdm. Antropolskaya.

Mdm: MMH. Dravstvujte Maks. What you want today?

Me: We need a permission to sit for the dermatology exam tomorrow (hands her the signed petition).

Mdm: When exam?

Me: TOMORROW. (Sheesh - didn't I just said it?)

Mdm: Tak, znachit - LISTEN to me. Who is group organizer? Arveen, da? Tell him, to come, NOW, to dean's office.

Me: Why madam, may I ask?

Mdm: Tak, the register, in dean's office has NO marks from subjects! NO MARKS!!!(slaps the register with the dorsum of her palm, several times.) WHY you didn't fulfill marks in dean's office register?

Me: (Awkward silence O_o)

Mdm: So, tell him to come here (looks at big clock on the wall), QUICK-LY. Tell him, BRING class register, and fulfill dean's office register, NOW. Only after, I will, give you permission - horosho?

Me: Da, madam. Vseo ponjal. Horosho.

Mdm: MMH.

Sigh. Not again. The freaking dean's office register. I don't understand why here everything has to be WRITTEN. Not once, but TWICE! Okay fine, what I should do now is to call the "group organizer" i.e. group leader:

Me: Hello, Arveen. We have a problem.

Arveen: What now?

Me: Mdm. Antropolskaya wants you to come here and "fulfill" the dean's office register. Or else - NO PERMISSION. NO PERMISSION!!!!

Arveen: (SIGHS) Okay, I will come. (grumbles....)

Me: Okay, see you.

Okay, then Arveen came. We "fulfilled" the registers together. And I got the evil ideas to snap some top-secret photos of the dean's office. SECRETLY. I saw and heard a lot of things happening here:

1) All the deans are females. And not forgetting the secretary too.

2) Females talk a lot. About life. Life. And more about Life. Thus they talked. :)

3) Sometimes they fight among each other: Anya vs Galina was today's battle. Mdm. Galina pointed out some misprints in the student's journal, which ignited the battle. Anya defended herself, and Mdm. Galina realized her mistake. One for Anya! (Cheers!)

4) Mdm. Irina ate a sour cream baguette tastefully, bought for her by Mdm. Natalia for the price of 16 roubles. Mdm. Natalia bought a 0.5L bottle of Pepsi. Drank it quickly as if there is no tomorrow.

5) Mdm. Galina did non-stop calls to reach some group leaders to ask them why were they absent for the group leaders' meeting this morning. Then she demanded that they come now to the dean's office ASAP.

Mdm. Natalia looking at Mdm. Antropolskaya as she expressively talks about how her nephew is coping with the high costs of living in St. Petersburg, how expensive is 40000 roubles per month for apartment rentals, and...some problems with her piping system at home? What ever the case is, Mdm. Antropolskaya is still the best. :)

Then, after nearly 1 hour of "fulfilling" the dean's office register - which is a total time waste, (I couldve studied a bit for my Dermatology exam if was not doing that. ARGH.) finally we handed the thing over to Mdm. Antropolskaya.

Mdm: MMH. Finished?

Arveen: Yes, madam. All finished. Sorry for not fulfilling the...

Mdm: Tak, sejchas - make a "xerox" for me - the original give me. You make "xerox" for yourself. Anya, dai pozhalujsta emu vedemost'.

Anya: 'Chas naidu. (Flips through papers and gives the vedemost')

Arveen: Spasibo.

Actually this is a simplified version of the conversation - watch the whole thing on secret cam below:

Tuesday, May 12

Green Eyed Monster

In every human being, there lives a monster. A monster so big, so green, so hideous - but sometimes you just can't see it. Once in a while it will come out of its hiding place - only to be seen for a short while. But sometimes, the monster feels so bold and brave that it lingers around long enough to be seen not only by its master, but also by people around.
This is how my aura should've looked today...I was burning GREEN with envy.
Today my green-eyed monster came out from its hiding place. It was so fierce and so empowering, that I couldn't mask my facial expression with my fake smiles anymore. I was surprised at how jealous I could be - I've never felt that jealous before. I've felt "boiling with anger" before, but not "boiling with envy". Unnecessary waste of energy and mind power.
Why should I be jealous? I myself couldn't explain it. I got to know that friend A got something that - well, it was not something that I've ever wanted before, or something that friend A did not deserve to get or something like that. Friend A was equally shocked to get that thing (I think) and friend A was more than deserving to receive it. But - I WAS JEALOUS. Jealous of friend A. Which was dumb! I knew it was dumb to be jealous, but I just can't stop feeling that!
How I wished Pandora didn't open that stupid box. Envy and Jealousy must be in there somewhere. Thanks a lot, Pandora!
I really need to put a leash on my green-eyed monster. I don't want people start calling me the Jealous Bitch. It seems that this week is filled with negative emotions - recently the urge to kill, now jealousy and envy? What's next? Rage? Hopefully not.
Thanks to a few bars of chocolate - I managed to get some happy hormones to circulate in my circuits. I hope I won't be attacked by such negative energy again of such magnitude in the near future. I'm afraid of wrinkles. Sigh.

Monday, May 11

Point a Gun to the Head

Sometimes you just feel annoyed. Angry. It feels like shit. You wish that a gun is lying just somewhere near you, and you can just pick it up and start firing like mad - or just point it at the single object which is the root of all annoyance. Just shoot it if its an inanimate object. Merely threaten if it is an annoying life-form.

You know what - you annoy me. I want to shoot you in the head. If you still continue to annoy me, I'd shoot mine instead.

I wish I could do that. Being a person with a big Tupperware of patience - I have my limits too. It would overflow one day. But luckily it NEVER overflew - I meant overFLOWED. Its only dangerously filled up to the brim. Just a few trickles and drips here and there.

I can't explode. I shan't explode. I should calm down. But then deep down inside I am still secretly wishing for the pistol - or better still, an anti-aircraft rifle which was used to kill the Head of Department of Dermatology in a freak incident a few weeks ago. I need an outlet to release my deep-set anger and resentment. I've tried almost every mild effort - meditation, eating, going out for a walk, shouting in my pillow - EVERYTHING. Except for going on a killing spree.

Kitty Cat, so cute. Even cuter with the pistol in its paws. BANG! There goes the annoyance

I may sound like a psycho killer - but I am not. I am just frustrated. Im a very mild person actually. I smile a lot. I laugh a lot. I try io be nice to everybody. I try not to make enemies. Just that sometimes I feel like doing radical stuff which only could happen vividly in my wildest imaginations.

I hope that no internet police or something like that is going to be after my tail if they happen to stumble upon this part of my blog. This is just a literal place to let everything out, right?

But, having a cute Kitty Kat as a potential assassin is kinda cute, no? Aww, just look at it. So innocent, yet so deadly. One moment you're admiring it, the next thing you know - BANG! Oops, there is a bullet in your brains. And the best thing is, no one would be caught because Kitty Kat did it!

Sunday, May 10

Behind The Scenes: KreativeBandz

Mary Ann, Rafael - I just can't stop watching this video of us. That night was a really tiring one. But this candid camera moment was really an adrenaline booster!

This is a short clip taked candidly when we were doing the KreativeBandz.

Why we laughed a lot:

1) Because we did not know what to do actually with 3 strands of string. Darn - were we that dumb?

2) Because we can't stop thinking to go to bed as we were all worn out from the drama practise.

3) Because before this clip was taken, we were eating poppy seed crackers and drinking grape juice (which tasted exactly like blood, but sweeter. Rafael, you didn't finish yours!) and...I forgot the other one, Mary Ann was is green tea? We practically stuffed ourselves with carbs and glucose - thus the hyperglycemic hyperactivity.

4) Because Rafael accidentally burnt the KreativeBandz terribly until Mary Ann had to say it was CHARRED and I said it was RENTUNG.

5) Because Rafael was actually curling the KreativeBandz on purpose, when we were not supposed to do so. Evil-much. So he memang planned to curl them first, then make them burnt - no, CHARRED haha.

6) Because we were imagining who would be the lucky 6 people who are going to get Rafael's CHARRED KreativeBandz.

7) Because we knew we were a bunch of hopeless kids doing handicrafts. Bagaikan kera diberi bunga which means "We are just like a bunch of monkeys that were given flowers" i.e. given something worthless.

8) Because Rafael actually slept on the chair for a few minutes while Mary Ann and I were busy laughing.

9) Because Mary Ann was saying "EEEEEEEEEEEEE - Tak mauu!!! Dia hitam, black!!"

10) Because we created blue hair. LOLZ.

GOSH - I can't stop laughing XD.

Saturday, May 9

Garden Gala 2009 - From Disaster to Spectacular!

It was 9th May 2009. It was a historical day in Russia. It was Victory Day. But I wasn't so interested with the street parade - its the same thing every year. Basically no changes at all. It looks like ghosts from the past came back to haunt Lenin Street again.
Oh well - I had a bigger thing to look forward to for today. Garden Gala 2009 (GG09) . Being an annual event, basically it has to be BIG. It has to. This "stereotypical" adjective - being applied to the annual GG certainly put some nasty strain on my nerves and patience. Not to mention the absurd amount of time and energy that has to be poured onto its preparation.
Woke up at 8.24 a.m. this morning. Dang - overslept my alarm. That was my first reaction looking at the phone screen. Lol - Lady GaGa didn't manage to wake me up this morning. Neither did Kyu Sakamoto. (p/s: Lady Gaga's Just Dance is my wake up alarm at 7.30 a.m. Kyu Sakamoto's Sukiyaki comes later at 7.45 a.m. :)

I immediately brought myself out of bed and walked straight to my laptop. Sigh - unfinished business awaits. The drama recording was not completely edited. Need to get it done fast. Snap-snap. Then there I was, editing the recording frame by frame, diligently. Next thing I knew when I looked at the clock it was about 9.30 a.m. OOPS - forgot. I promised Fr. Peter (from now on I'll refer to him as FP - as we all affectionately call him) that I would come at 9 a.m. to decorate the garden. Then the horrible truth sank in - I HAD TO DECORATE THE GARDEN TOO. Then for a split second I thought that if I could have any super-power, I'd pick self-duplication. Then I could juggle everything without problems. But that was just a figment of my imagination.

In the end I got at the gardens only at 11.45 a.m. I thought that FP would be really ticked off because he was expecting me at about 9, but luckily he wasn't there yet when I arrived. What a sigh of relief! Just when I wanted to - no, this isn't happening. FP was here ALREADY. Just that he was "hiding" in one of the rooms of the parish house. OKAY - ignore FP. GG starts at 12 pm. That means I have exactly 15 - no, 13 minutes (...thanks to FP, he took away 2 minutes of my precious time.) to work miracles on the whole garden. OKAY, here goes.


Okay - maybe I went past the time be a large margin - who cares. GG was delayed eventually. It was raining (NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~) So we had to shift the "Garden Gala" into the parish house. Then it became "House Gala". So we ate first while waiting for the sun to come out. And indeed it came out :)

Food for GG'09: Spaghetti, Potato Wedges, Grilled Chicken Wings, Date Pritters, Coleslaw, and Foo-foo (traditional African dish)


Just after the sun came out. Everyone scatters around the garden as preparations were made.

The show kicked off with a stand-up comedy act by Godwin. Funny-much I guess, judging from the amount of laughter generated by the public. Then came the time to distribute the KreativeBandz.

Audience listening attentively to Godwin. Serious looking? Well, maybe he haven't got to the funny part yet LOL.

(The story behind KreativeBandz: They are actually 3 strings of red, blue and green tied together to make a plaited wristband. But its easier said than done. Mary Ann, Rafael and I - the 3 stooges - were given the daunting task to make 80 of these plaited wristbands. But we only started at about 10.30 p.m. and we had to finish by tomorrow morning. And we were very tired at that time, being just after practice for the GG performance and cleaning up the gardens earlier. Rafael fell asleep in the process LOL. So we decided to just tie these 3 strings together and distribute them tomorrow to everyone - asking them to do whatever they like with those things. Kononnya with a gift for the most creative idea for that thing. Thus the name KreativeBandz haha.)

This year's GG door gift: KreativeBandz. Brought to you by Mary Anne, Rafael and Yours Truly.

FYI out of those 80 KreativeBandz - 6 were marked with burnt ends (thanks to Rafael for that really "great" idea hahaha - which we had to agree after he accidentally burnt one of those KreativeBandz.) So those lucky 6 who got the burnt ones had to join the drama cast for the "Close To You" dance. Really funny moment.

"Caught Up in Love". That was the name of our drama this year. Its about a girl who is NEARLY perfect (...during the event, I described the girl as a PERFECT girl so Fr. Peter was saying "Perfect? Perfect?" Then I had to say "NEARLY perfect father, nearly." Then he smiled incessantly.) who found love, not one but two of them. So basically she had to choose between them. Actually, the audience were responsible for the ending of the story. By voting of hands, the audience wanted the girl to end up being with her best friend - instead of being with the exchange student whom she initially fell in love with. I think everyone enjoyed the story - I hope.

A part of the drama cast (L to R) : Rafael, Mary Ann, Christina, Mitchel, and Yours Truly.

After that, comes the performance from the graduating seniors this summer. They made their rendition of "We Will Rock You" which entertained everyone, as everyone clapped together with them. Then they were presented with their mock graduation hats in their mock graduation ceremony. Aww - touching moment.

Graduating seniors with FP. I can't wait for my graduation.

Then there was the May Babies' Birthday Bash. All those who were born in the month of May were wished with the warmest birthday wishes. And the chocolate hazelnut cake was to die for :) Happy birthday guys!

May babies (Felix, Mitchel, Abraham, Kingsley, Roberto) - not including FP and Mary Ann.

And that was the end of our GG. We had more activities planned - but due to the rain taking away 2 hours of our time, we had to cut it short - but hey, I still think this GG'09 rocked!

Group photo in the garden.

Kudos to everyone!

The Annual GG Picture - at the Garden Entrance with the Banner! Smile everyone!

Yours Truly, "The Devil Inside of Me" played by Maksim Markusevich in the drama "Caught Up In Love"

Tuesday, May 5

It Isn't Easy

Easy for you to say: that you don't care,
But not easy for me to not share.

Easy for me to keep silent and carve a smile,
But in me rages a storm - so furious, so vile.

Easy for you to say: just leave me alone,
But there is something else you didn't say - on your face, its all shown.

Easy for me to say: it's okay,
But really deep inside, I'm keeping my tears at bay.

Easy for you to say: it's nothing,
But it makes me frustrated for not exactly knowing.

Easy for me to say: just tell me,
But actually I'm afraid, of what the real answer will be.

Easy for you to just ignore and walk away,
But for me, it's not - especially when I know something is wrong somehow, somewhere.

Easy for me to stay still and act as if nothing happened,
Knowing that you are hiding something, makes me uneasy every minute, every second.

I know its not easy at all, it was never easy to begin with,
Trying hard to cope with it, at least I am,
How about you - are you trying?
Are you at least trying?
I can't force you. Neither could you force me.
You know very well that neither of us are good at lying.
I know you could see me through.
It isn't easy - I know.

Monday, May 4


I've had more than 2 nasty attacks of headache already in this week itself. They only went away with panadol.

I've skipped breakfast and lunch. I only took a light dinner. This happened for 2 days in a row.

I've slept on the bus, on the way to and from class. That had never happened before.

I hope I didn't look like this when I dozed off in the bus. Poor uncle. Must've been a hectic day for him.

I've exhausted myself. Nearly. (Damn I just dozed off a minute ago!)

I just don't know how much actually is my workload. Almost everyone I know said that I have an extremely busy life. My compulsory classes and social events are eating up most of my day everyday. I barely have time to sleep. And I am always stressed out.

Sigh, Can life get more sillier than this? I dont know.

Friday, May 1

Labor's Day Dilemma last its the holidays. Well to be more precise - its A HOLIDAY. One Day Only. Sigh.

I forgot to turn off my alarm today. So at 7 a.m. sharp I could hear Lady GaGa singing Just Dance....dammit. Aiyah, cuti oso terpaksa bangun awal kah? Too late. Once woken up, I am woken up. I can't activate my sleep centres again.

So I got up, and slowly my eyes accomodated (sorry - too much ophtalmo this week) to the dim lightings of my quaint room. Uh-oh. Luckily I got up early.

I saw what a mess my room was in. Books here and there. Papers. Snickers wrappers. Oh - and what are those? Some moth-balls. Thought they were candies. LOL.

I saw what a huge pile of unwashed clothes.

I saw what a great number of plates, pans, bowls, and pots that has to be cleaned.

(...all thanks to last night's party. Our friend Daniele came all the way from Lecce, Italy to this forsaken desolate place to meet his darling Girl - so we threw a welcome to Kursk party for him. Me and my big mouth - promising Girl that I would cook Volcano Chicken which was quite a daunting task. So there you have it - Volcano Chicken.

I still can't forget the moment when I rushed out of my room to Arveen's house for the party. I bumped into my neighbour accidentally - what a klutz I was. Then it was catastrophe. Almost all the chilli dip was literally dumped all over her! She was screaming "Oh my god, oh my god" - HEY! I was the one supposed to say that because

1. I was already 45 minutes late.

2. HEY - I have no chilli dip now. How its going to be Volcano Chicken without the "Lava" sauce??

3. My white moccassins are now sambal-flavored. Dang!)

Oh-okay. Back to the MAIN STORY. LOL. So, the main point was: on a holiday - you should not be doing anything. Just do nothing. Keep the holiday HOLY. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I have a lot of things to doooooo.

Sigh. At last I've done all my chores. That's why I have time to bitch about all that work here. (Hey - blogging is so fun. You can write almost everything, and nothing is talking back hahaha)

Now I'm thinking about something. Isn't it funny:

On normal working days - you will feel VERY BUSY. You can't cope with all the workload. Plus all the additional tasks. And not to forget all times you procrastinate. Result = You think you have no time to do anything.


On a holiday - you will be feeling DAMN BORED. You have (apparently) nothing to do. (Well actually you DO, just that you don't see it yet :P) Suddenly all your workload is gone - just like that! Result = You think you have too much time, and you are bored. You don't know what to do with all that "extra time"

Think about it.