Sunday, May 10

Behind The Scenes: KreativeBandz

Mary Ann, Rafael - I just can't stop watching this video of us. That night was a really tiring one. But this candid camera moment was really an adrenaline booster!

This is a short clip taked candidly when we were doing the KreativeBandz.

Why we laughed a lot:

1) Because we did not know what to do actually with 3 strands of string. Darn - were we that dumb?

2) Because we can't stop thinking to go to bed as we were all worn out from the drama practise.

3) Because before this clip was taken, we were eating poppy seed crackers and drinking grape juice (which tasted exactly like blood, but sweeter. Rafael, you didn't finish yours!) and...I forgot the other one, Mary Ann was is green tea? We practically stuffed ourselves with carbs and glucose - thus the hyperglycemic hyperactivity.

4) Because Rafael accidentally burnt the KreativeBandz terribly until Mary Ann had to say it was CHARRED and I said it was RENTUNG.

5) Because Rafael was actually curling the KreativeBandz on purpose, when we were not supposed to do so. Evil-much. So he memang planned to curl them first, then make them burnt - no, CHARRED haha.

6) Because we were imagining who would be the lucky 6 people who are going to get Rafael's CHARRED KreativeBandz.

7) Because we knew we were a bunch of hopeless kids doing handicrafts. Bagaikan kera diberi bunga which means "We are just like a bunch of monkeys that were given flowers" i.e. given something worthless.

8) Because Rafael actually slept on the chair for a few minutes while Mary Ann and I were busy laughing.

9) Because Mary Ann was saying "EEEEEEEEEEEEE - Tak mauu!!! Dia hitam, black!!"

10) Because we created blue hair. LOLZ.

GOSH - I can't stop laughing XD.


  1. did u just said rentung...
    i remember her...

  2. jahatsialll....i know who u r talking abt!