Saturday, May 22

Blut ist dicker as Wasser?

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It DOES look thick, don't you think so?

Today over lunch, I had a nice long chat with Devan. Devan is my groupmate, studying with me here in Russia. We had quite a lengthy chat, which left me thinking what is the real value of a family institution. In the context of my family and I, of course.

There is an old German proverb that goes "Blut ist dicker als Wasser", which its English equivalent is "Blood is thicker than water". It generally means that "the bonds of family and common ancestry are stronger than those bonds between unrelated people." (Wikipedia)

So this means that if the bonds are really that strong - there should be ultimate support and backup among family members, am I right?

What if, one day something happens that can shatter that so-called strong bonds? (Suddenly the term "weak Van-der-Waals bonds came across my mind LOL)

You see, I love my family. And I am sure you love your family too. You and I love them so much that we'd rather die than to be separated from them forever. But what if, one day I were to do something that would really break their heart, and it would be something that they never could ever accept coming from me? Would they disown me?

I am sure they want me to be happy. 
I am really sure of that.
 But what if my idea of happiness IS NOT their idea of happiness? 
It doesn't mean that what they want is what I want. 
What if pursuing that scholarship for a musical degree in Japan will make me happy - instead of enrolling myself in medical school? 
What if being actively involved in stage and theatrical acts makes me happy - instead of just sitting quietly at home? 
What if being happy means being myself - instead of forcing myself to fit into social norms?

An old Malay proverb once said, "Syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki ibu" which is loosely translated as "Heaven is underneath your mother's feet". It means that we should obey our parents wishes and honor all their decisions - no matter what, else heaven/happiness is not yours to claim.

NOW - I am confused. Should I root for Germany or Malaysia? LOL.

Okay, jokes apart - I am really quite serious. I really want to be happy - who doesn't right? I really want to make my parents happy and proud! But what if my happiness goes the opposite way from my parents? Should I forfeit my happiness, live a lie, and comply to my parents wishes ? Or should I risk losing their favor by foregoing their wishes and indulge in my happiness, with a little bit of guilt?

Then comes into mind the principle "To choose the lesser evil". Okay, since both of my choices are not perfectly fairytale-ish, this seems to be a sound decision. Then again, choosing is one of my least favourite hobbies.

However as for now, I firmly believe in what I believe as happiness. I am adult enough to take resposibility of my actions, and I thank my parents with all my heart, for all the years for their love, patience, and sacrifice as they saw me grow up. I think it is time to let me fly away from the nest...and let me fend for myself.

I am back!

Hello to one and all. It's me and I am back after a long hiatus.

The last time I blogged was in January. At that time I had exams, and was hyped up to go for my annual Eurotrip vacation. And that explains why I forgot all about my blog.

A lot of things has happened since for me to keep track of important things happened after I stopped blogging, I shall list important events here, so as to remind myself of what I should update in the coming posts:

1. Surreal Spain 2010

The theme of my Eurotrip this year was Surreal Spain 2010. I visited Barcelona, Reus, Tarragona, Zaragoza, and Bilbao. Oh yes and a very important event happened here - I WAS ROBBED! But I considered myself lucky. I only lost my visa (along with some euros, my iPod, my Spanish booklet, my trusty organizer, my Francesco Donni bag (which was in one of my earlier posts under Confessions of a Shopaholic). Luckily my wallet and passport are in my trench coat inner pocket. So my holiday wasn't that bad anyway. I enjoyed 15 days of superb holidaying in Spain. And now the problem is that I can't go back to Russia without a visa, I need to get one done ASAP. The Russian and Malaysian consulates can't help me here it seems, so I decided to FLY HOME! But before that...I made a pit stop. Instead taking my paid flight from Barcelona - Riga - Moscow,  I took a different route instead...

2. Irresistable Italy 2010
To Milan and Rome! The best flight offer I got to fly home requires me to board the plane in the land of ancient Gods and Godesses, where they fought lions in the Colloseum and where one of the most romantic languages in the world are spoken everywhere. And now its one of the leading fashion hubs in Europe. A bonus trip is that I got to visit the Vatican City - and had a priviledge to be in the Pope's audience. Ah, romance is in the air EVERYWHERE. Stayed for a romantic 7 days here - before flying off to another destination before reaching home...

3. Exotic Egypt 2010
OOH. It was only a one-day transit affair with Egypt. I was nearly worn out from all the travelling and shopping I've done. And I really didn't feel like going out of the airport. From Rome, I flew to Luxor - and from there to Cairo. On the way, I saw with my own 2 eyes the majestic beauty of the Giza pyramids. What an amazing sight to behold even from an aerial view! And I even met a new friend from Hungary who is also flying to Malaysia to meet her boyfriend, aww - that's sweet! From Cairo the next day, straight to Kuala Lumpur!

4. Home Sweet Home!
Yes. Home sweet home. Was never so relieved to see my parents faces ever in my life after that scary incident in Barcelona. Need a great big time-out!

5. Couchsurfers at my home!
Peter from Switzerland, and Leo from Lahad Datu came to stay with us and we had great fun bringing them all around! We went to cultural places and had a wonderful gastronomic experience here and there!

6. Kursk Games 2010
The intervarsity games are back - and this time it's in Kursk. I am faced with a daunting task of being Events Manager - and my work scope focuses mainly on the stage and hall preparations as well as the performances for the Opening Ceremony, Grand Gala, and Closing Ceremony. I have never organized anything on this large scale, and I have only participated in these kinds of events only as a performer before. But I try to be optimistic and will try my best to deliver high-quality performances of our colourful culture to fellows Malaysians and also to the international crowd! Watch me as swing into action - follow the pics!