Tuesday, May 5

It Isn't Easy

Easy for you to say: that you don't care,
But not easy for me to not share.

Easy for me to keep silent and carve a smile,
But in me rages a storm - so furious, so vile.

Easy for you to say: just leave me alone,
But there is something else you didn't say - on your face, its all shown.

Easy for me to say: it's okay,
But really deep inside, I'm keeping my tears at bay.

Easy for you to say: it's nothing,
But it makes me frustrated for not exactly knowing.

Easy for me to say: just tell me,
But actually I'm afraid, of what the real answer will be.

Easy for you to just ignore and walk away,
But for me, it's not - especially when I know something is wrong somehow, somewhere.

Easy for me to stay still and act as if nothing happened,
Knowing that you are hiding something, makes me uneasy every minute, every second.

I know its not easy at all, it was never easy to begin with,
Trying hard to cope with it, at least I am,
How about you - are you trying?
Are you at least trying?
I can't force you. Neither could you force me.
You know very well that neither of us are good at lying.
I know you could see me through.
It isn't easy - I know.