Tuesday, September 29

Emergency Getaway to St. Petersburg

Once I opened a fortune cookie on Facebook (duh - now life revolves around Facebook for no understandable reason) that said something about going somewhere in a rush and I should be prepared for it.

I think the cookie's prophecy came true today.

Today, suddenly I was told that my best buddy and I had to go to St. Petersburg TOMORROW (wow - now that's quite an emergency decision!) to accompany our university agent and his wife on their Russian sightseeing trip. Then after that, we are to bring them to Moscow and send them off at Domodedovo International Airport, then lastly make our way back home to Kursk. 

What is interesting about this emergency getaway is:
1. It is an all-expense paid trip for two - including transport, accommodation, and food!
2. It is a 6D/7N trip!
3. Both of us got the permission letters from the Dean of Foreign Affairs to skip classes without having to do replacement classes for classes that we are going to miss!
4. The travel destination is St. Petersburg - the most beautiful city in Russia!
5. A chance to go SHOPPING!

Anyway - I haven't packed my bags yet, as I have trouble with it all the time. I want to travel light, but I always ended up carrying a lot more than what I need - which I will realize only halfway in the trip. But I just plan to bring a duffle bag and a tote bag with me. I will most probably be bringing back home some shopping trophies from there, so I'd better make some room in my bags.

I do not know what to expect when I reach there, but I googled for St. Petersburg, and I got a sneak peek of what we might encounter during the trip:

Seriously, I have no idea what these buildings are all about. Later I will be there myself, and I'll take my own pictures then!