Monday, May 11

Point a Gun to the Head

Sometimes you just feel annoyed. Angry. It feels like shit. You wish that a gun is lying just somewhere near you, and you can just pick it up and start firing like mad - or just point it at the single object which is the root of all annoyance. Just shoot it if its an inanimate object. Merely threaten if it is an annoying life-form.

You know what - you annoy me. I want to shoot you in the head. If you still continue to annoy me, I'd shoot mine instead.

I wish I could do that. Being a person with a big Tupperware of patience - I have my limits too. It would overflow one day. But luckily it NEVER overflew - I meant overFLOWED. Its only dangerously filled up to the brim. Just a few trickles and drips here and there.

I can't explode. I shan't explode. I should calm down. But then deep down inside I am still secretly wishing for the pistol - or better still, an anti-aircraft rifle which was used to kill the Head of Department of Dermatology in a freak incident a few weeks ago. I need an outlet to release my deep-set anger and resentment. I've tried almost every mild effort - meditation, eating, going out for a walk, shouting in my pillow - EVERYTHING. Except for going on a killing spree.

Kitty Cat, so cute. Even cuter with the pistol in its paws. BANG! There goes the annoyance

I may sound like a psycho killer - but I am not. I am just frustrated. Im a very mild person actually. I smile a lot. I laugh a lot. I try io be nice to everybody. I try not to make enemies. Just that sometimes I feel like doing radical stuff which only could happen vividly in my wildest imaginations.

I hope that no internet police or something like that is going to be after my tail if they happen to stumble upon this part of my blog. This is just a literal place to let everything out, right?

But, having a cute Kitty Kat as a potential assassin is kinda cute, no? Aww, just look at it. So innocent, yet so deadly. One moment you're admiring it, the next thing you know - BANG! Oops, there is a bullet in your brains. And the best thing is, no one would be caught because Kitty Kat did it!


  1. Hilarius cat picture - where did you find it?

    All you need to add to the picture now is a pair of dogs in the corner, like it´s pointing on them. :D

  2. idk...just took it from the net though.

    well i beg to differ, dogs arent the kitty kat's enemy. well im speaking on behalf of mine though hehe.

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