Friday, May 1

Labor's Day Dilemma last its the holidays. Well to be more precise - its A HOLIDAY. One Day Only. Sigh.

I forgot to turn off my alarm today. So at 7 a.m. sharp I could hear Lady GaGa singing Just Dance....dammit. Aiyah, cuti oso terpaksa bangun awal kah? Too late. Once woken up, I am woken up. I can't activate my sleep centres again.

So I got up, and slowly my eyes accomodated (sorry - too much ophtalmo this week) to the dim lightings of my quaint room. Uh-oh. Luckily I got up early.

I saw what a mess my room was in. Books here and there. Papers. Snickers wrappers. Oh - and what are those? Some moth-balls. Thought they were candies. LOL.

I saw what a huge pile of unwashed clothes.

I saw what a great number of plates, pans, bowls, and pots that has to be cleaned.

(...all thanks to last night's party. Our friend Daniele came all the way from Lecce, Italy to this forsaken desolate place to meet his darling Girl - so we threw a welcome to Kursk party for him. Me and my big mouth - promising Girl that I would cook Volcano Chicken which was quite a daunting task. So there you have it - Volcano Chicken.

I still can't forget the moment when I rushed out of my room to Arveen's house for the party. I bumped into my neighbour accidentally - what a klutz I was. Then it was catastrophe. Almost all the chilli dip was literally dumped all over her! She was screaming "Oh my god, oh my god" - HEY! I was the one supposed to say that because

1. I was already 45 minutes late.

2. HEY - I have no chilli dip now. How its going to be Volcano Chicken without the "Lava" sauce??

3. My white moccassins are now sambal-flavored. Dang!)

Oh-okay. Back to the MAIN STORY. LOL. So, the main point was: on a holiday - you should not be doing anything. Just do nothing. Keep the holiday HOLY. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I have a lot of things to doooooo.

Sigh. At last I've done all my chores. That's why I have time to bitch about all that work here. (Hey - blogging is so fun. You can write almost everything, and nothing is talking back hahaha)

Now I'm thinking about something. Isn't it funny:

On normal working days - you will feel VERY BUSY. You can't cope with all the workload. Plus all the additional tasks. And not to forget all times you procrastinate. Result = You think you have no time to do anything.


On a holiday - you will be feeling DAMN BORED. You have (apparently) nothing to do. (Well actually you DO, just that you don't see it yet :P) Suddenly all your workload is gone - just like that! Result = You think you have too much time, and you are bored. You don't know what to do with all that "extra time"

Think about it.

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