Monday, May 4


I've had more than 2 nasty attacks of headache already in this week itself. They only went away with panadol.

I've skipped breakfast and lunch. I only took a light dinner. This happened for 2 days in a row.

I've slept on the bus, on the way to and from class. That had never happened before.

I hope I didn't look like this when I dozed off in the bus. Poor uncle. Must've been a hectic day for him.

I've exhausted myself. Nearly. (Damn I just dozed off a minute ago!)

I just don't know how much actually is my workload. Almost everyone I know said that I have an extremely busy life. My compulsory classes and social events are eating up most of my day everyday. I barely have time to sleep. And I am always stressed out.

Sigh, Can life get more sillier than this? I dont know.


  1. are you from malaysia? lovely blog you have here

  2. thx leon.
    yeah i am from malaysia, born malaysian. but lived here n there already. thx for visiting :)

  3. M.M , you seriously got to cut down on
    your hectic lifestyle and get more rest
    Health is not something you like to play with
    If you have too many going on , eliminate them
    and only prioritize on the important one
    Be well

  4. thx bujit for the advice. will try to remember that :)