Thursday, April 30

Students' Festival 2009 Awards Ceremony

Every year during spring time, all students across Russia will be celebrating the annual Студенческая Весна (Student's Spring Festival). The festival usually lasts for a month - basically its a month of talent competitions. Students from all over Russia compete in different categories and the main aim is to grab the Laureate Honors awards. In Malaysia it would be the equivalent of a "Festival Ko-Kurikulum" or something like that.

Last year, me and my friends (my music-band mates) competed in the Instrumental Music and Vocals category and we managed to get the 1st Degree Laureate Honors award. This was a first time in the festival history that a group of international students took the top award.

This year, we competed in 3 categories and the results were as follows:
1) Instrumental Music & Vocals - 2nd Degree Laureate Honors

2) Contemporary Classical Music - Festival Diploma Award

3) Original Genre & Illusion - 2nd Degree Laureate Honors

For the Original Genre & Illusion category, we performed a Sarawak-Sabah cultural fusion dance which was the opening performance for this year's festival (WOW - talk about being honored up to that level)

If you are interested to see our Original Genre & Illusion performance, you can go to this link:
For next year's festival - we will surely do our best again!

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