Wednesday, April 29

Syndrome of Intoxication

All the while in case histories I've been writing "Syndrome of Intoxication" as a diagnostic syndrome. Its possible symptoms include fever, general weakness, malaise, chills, rigors, body aches and probably some more can be added to this list. Basically, in layman terms it is called by the phrase "I think I am feeling sick." Usually when patients present themselves with any kind of infectious disease (e.g. the common cold) - there you will find the manifestation of this particular syndrome.

After coming back from Volgograd for the annual 6th Malaysian Students Intervarsity Games, I immediately succumbed to the grasp of this troublesome and somewhat incurable disease (you can only at most alleviate your symptoms, that's all)

Now I think this disease is at its peak. Why?

1) Terrible headaches haunt me almost 24 hours a day. And I can feel as if my brain is moving in my skull whenever I turn my head in different directions. No, more like its being pulled here and there. I wonder how Jean Grey cou deal with all the mental stress O_o

2) My nose apparently has more supply of water than the Amazons. Its leaking like a tap with a faulty valve. I might as well fly over to Africa and start nourishing the Serengeti. And there goes another roll of toilet paper.

3) My body aches as if I've been building the Great Pyramids of Giza for the past 20 years - ALONE. Whenever I move a muscle, it hurts like hell.

4) I am working more efficient than a standard Russian heater. I can feel heat emanating from my body to the environment. If I were to wear some wet clothing, in 30 minutes it would be drier than your udang kering. Maybe if I tried, I'd be able to shoot fireballs from my hands!

5) I've been eating more than what I usually eat everyday. Sign of increased metabolism due to this troublesome disease. I have no idea how these ultra-tiny viruses can cause so much havoc in my body system.

I don't have the strength to even open a book - and obviously studying is out of the option. My brain is shouting "No More! No More!" even though nothing was inside it 24 hours before O_o.

So much for being sick. Now I understand all the patients who lie in the wards, suffering from their respective diseases. No wonder they are so grumpy and prefer to keep to themselves. I am now feeling exactly the same way too. Just bearing a day with this common cold is a torture, imagine others who are suffering from more serious diseases?

Panacea - will we ever discover it?

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