Thursday, April 30

Volgograd - The City of Heroes

Suddenly, I missed Volgograd. My 3-day stay in that beautiful city had really made quite a strong impression in my mind.

I remember that in Malay we have such a proverb that says "Hujan batu di negeri sendiri, hujan emas di negeri orang - lebih baik lagi di negeri sendiri" - which is loosely translated as "Although it rains stones in your motherland, and it rains gold in a foreign land - it is better to be in your motherland". I don't really see where this proverb is coming from or going to - back home we NEVER had stones falling as rain to begin with. Anyway - comparing Kursk and Volgograd (in this case it rains stones in Kursk and it rains gold in Volgograd), I pretty much prefer to be in Volgograd.

Remembering Volgograd also means remembering Volgo Games 2009. My experience participating in the annual intervarsity games was a very exciting one as it was my very first time representing my beloved university KSMU. Sportswise - I used to do well in tennis back when I was in secondary school. But this time - being a part of the athletics team was a different thing altogether. Middle distance runner? Haha. I never thought that I was a middle distance runner. I never even thought that I could run 400 metres non-stop. And the most astonishing thing is that I was able to bring back a bronze medal - now that's cool! (I was eyeing on the medals this year, just because they looked pretty and unique - see the medals below!)

It was a great experience to meet new people here and there, and to get to know people from your own university even better. I mean, I don't know about other universities but here in KSMU, you can go through 6 years of studying without even knowing that this particular person even existed! So that means more friend requests in facebook - YAY!

Hope that next year in Kursk, the intervarsity games would be better, packed with more fun and excitement! (And hope we will take back the overall champion trophy from Volgograd LOL)


  1. Congrats! Not easy winning a medal!

  2. thx! yeah it was not easy i have to admit. but it was worthwhile :D

  3. Thank you for coming to Volgograd!!=)
    m surprised that you prefer Volg over Kursk...hmm..

  4. LOLZ chiiliyeow - obviously. Volgo is way better than kursk. no need to be surprised. haha.