Friday, September 25


Mediocrity. Is it really insulting? (picture courtesy of

The quality of being not very good, just acceptable but not very good.

I was chatting with a friend today. We talked about random stuff. We talked about him. We talked about me. Then a little bit more about me. Then it was about me, again. He said that I was very talented. He said I was a jack-of-all-trades.

Now, I haven't heard this of word in ages.

A jack-of-all-trades all-in-one gift hamper.

The jack-of-all-trades is naturally a person who is capable of doing a wide variety of tasks, as they possess a multitude of such skills which enables them to do so.

Oh. WOW. That's great.

Suddenly it struck me that MAYBE this jack-of-all-trades is not so much of a good thing after all. PERHAPS he is CAPABLE of doing a wide variety of tasks, but not really GOOD at neither one of them?

Then I reviewed myself. I am quite sure that I am capable of carrying out a wide variety of tasks, and employ certain skills which not all might have - but I found out that I wasn't good enough in any of them.

I am an average student - never the Genius Mathematician.
I am an average musician - never the modern day Mozart.
I am an average cook - never the next Chef Gordon Ramzay.
I am an average athlete - never in a league with Roger Federer.
I am an average person - never the twin of Brad Pitt.
I live an average lifestyle - never second to Bill Gates.

I am very much an AVERAGE ACHIEVER.

So does that mean I am just MEDIOCRE?

Bummer. I never wanted to be mediocre. I've always wanted to be one of the best - at least in one field. Sports. Education. Social. Is it too much to ask? Maybe. Then I thought further:

Some people are born filthy RICH - but might look unattractive, or even slightly retarded.
Some people are born to be GENIUSES - but live a poor life and looks undesirable.
Some people are blessed with GOOD LOOKS - but unfortunately a bit slow in thinking and dirt poor.

Sometimes if they are better off, they'd have 2 out of the 3 desirable qualities.

Lucky ones get all 3.

How about those who gets average scores for all 3? Not so good, but not so bad either. A bit undecisive here. Although you don't get the high-ranked priviledges, you won't get to hit the bottom of the drain either.

So, is it okay to settle for MEDIOCRITY?

*will be continued*


  1. hi thanks for dropping by....:)

  2. Hello Maksimmarkusevich!
    omg thats a bit long to type out everytime, may I call you Maksi or Mark haha? this topic on mediocrity is interesting cause I've always thought I was average in every way! Only a few can reach the pinnacle of a field, but I think people who are mediocre or even below average can specialize in something if they really want to. I like those stories the best, when people are not born with natural talent, but use what they have to achieve something greater than themselves because I'm so unlike that and i look towards what I only have that is something I respect a lot. Oops this got sorta long, anyways aspiring to be a doctor is one way I think you are standing out from the crowd, goodluck on your dream, and don't mind as I look through some of your archives =)

    Hi Manglish!! Good to see you here haha~

  3. [manglish] np frend :) love ur blogposts. lovely.

    [kris] lolxx you can call me anything u like...max wuld be good. and yeah - in fact a lot of ppl think that theyre flat average...i think. fyi i never aspired to be a doctor EVER. lols. its just another "thing" i have to do i think. oh i dont mind u going thru d archives. be my guest :)