Friday, October 2

Day 2: Storming St. Petersburg

After a productive clubbing session in downtown Central Station Club - which ended at about 4 a.m. and on the way home we got ourselves some takeouts from KFC Rostik's (I don't know why it KFC is called as such here in Russia) before dozing off in the hotel, I woke up at 9 a.m. Well, we are supposed to get ready BY 9 a.m. as we have more to do today.

Yummy fried chicken...keeping in mind the oil content X_X

I was kind of disappointed yesterday as I had not enough time to shop, I didn't manage to purchase anything worth of bragging rights. Sigh. We only managed to enter ZARA and I saw a nice looking suit which costs 4530 roubles. Err...should I but that or not? It will certainly set fire to my wallet if I should do so O_o

At last - ZARA!

Should I buy it or not? Dratz.

Had my breakfast. 2 bowls of honey stars. 1 boiled egg. I chunk of table cheese. 2 slices of oatmeal bread. A few glasses of milk. Well I microwaved the egg and it exploded in the oven! LOL. Should have sliced it first. Now I have to clean the microwave oven! Sigh.

Dammit. X_X

So, what is today's plan? Well, we are visiting the Peterhof, a very beautiful palace of the Tsar. 

Yay - we've reached Peterhof!

This beautiful winter palace is facing the Gulf of Finland - which is why it is notoriously windy there. 

Standing at the pier at the Gulf of Finland. Gosh - the wind!

Quite far from our hotel, but reachable by the metro. Then maybe to some other architectural wonders around, then last stop would be the souvenier shop. Maybe shop at some designer boutiques along the way.

*in awe*

The famous Peterhof. Just look at the fountains!

One of the many intricately designed gardens.


OH NO - not my stomach again! Need to find a cafe, pronto! Oh - there's a sign, what does it say?

ROFLMAO - what is this??? Oh well, I have no other choice.

Ahh - a cafe at last!

Oh now it is the time to shop at the gift shop! Presents for friends and loved ones!

Aww - saw this Teddy in the exterior gift shop! Isn't it adorable? It is the sweetest thing I've seen in St. Petersburg!

After a whole day of awesomeness in Peterhof, it is now time to exit through the vine-covered tunnel!

So, TTFN! Bye!


  1. Sounds like you're going to some really fun places over there!! There's Zara in Russia too? I'm not sure where it originated, but some people here really like their clothes (I like them too!! x]) oh oh i want to see the picture of your breakfast or the exploded egg haha, also waiting for beautiful pics of the palace! :D

  2. certainly i did kris! twas a really really fun time. yeah theres zara here too...everywhere i went in europe theres bound to be zara heheh. yeah they are really edgy, modernly designed...uber cool and what is most important - AFFORDABLE!!!!

    lolxxx - voila. the egg-xplosion in d microwave. :D enjoy ur bfast!

  3. hahah you are not hte only one who endured the explored eggs in the oven.. I did that too.. ahaha