Tuesday, January 5

Day 3: Storming St. Petersburg

Well this is my first blog post for 2010 - and Happy New Year first of all! I have a LOT to catch up...so let's not waste much time, and cut the chase shall we?

Well, where did I stop like 2 months ago?

Day 3: Storming St. Petersburg

Well, as far as I can remember the 3rd day we went to visit the Hermitage or also known as the Winter Palace. Supposedly it was the winter retreat for the Tsar and his royal family, but now it has been preserved into a high-class museum.

Picture collage

Grand gallery

Tsar's throne

Truthfully I HATED visiting museums. They bore me. The only exciting part is to take pictures of the unique items on display. The most you can get out of me from visiting a museum is "Oh wow - that MUST be old." God - I was soooo bored!

Energy....drained...need to...rechargeee......need FOOD!

We had lunch at an authentic Russian Restaurant - Елки-Палки (transliteralized as Yolki-Palki). The interior ambience really reflected the cozy interior of a warm Russian home, kept crisp by good interior heating systems - be it a fireplace or a hot water piping system. So, what was on the menu? We ordered a myriad of Russian delicacies: 

Борщ (Borshch - Beetroot soup with beef and cabbages and potatoes with sour cream)
Солянкя (Soljanka - Thick spicy and sour soup made of picked cucumbers with brine, cabbages, salty mushrooms and beef) 
Кутлеты (Kutlet'y - Cutlets of beef, pork and chicken, fried or baked) 
Биф-строганоф (Bif-stroganof - Beef strips stewed in cream with black pepper, which was (strangely) served upon a bed of fettucini) 
Шашлик (Sashlik - Skewered pieces of pork roasted with peppers and tomatoes, served with piquant dipping made of fresh grated onions and peppers with vinegar)
Компот (Kompot - Chilled concoction of dried fruits and berries)

Wow - now that is what I call a good meal!

Then after that we just wandered off to some random shops along the way home. TOO TIRED! We shall continue the next day! Good night!

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