Tuesday, January 5

Day 4: Storming St. Petersburg

Okay - it was our 4th day in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Hurry hurry up - we have got to cover more parts of the city!

Today's destination is the Spas-Na-Krov, which is the The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood (Cool name huh?)

Anyway this church was supposedly built here on the site of where Emperor Alexander II was fatally wounded and died on the spot - after an allegedly 7th attempt on his life. So to commemorate the Resurrection of Christ - this church was built here. (IDK about you, but I think this description is quite odd - don't ask me I just took the info from the St. Petersburg guide!)

View in daylight and under the moon.

In front of the gates.

Griboedov canal.

Me and best buddy Vin on the bridge of the canal. 

Uncle was nearly frozen to death (well he wasn't too accustomed to the mild weather yet :P) so he wanted to buy a scarf on the spot! Try this on for size, uncle!

We didn't enter the church because I WAS ADAMANT about it. I don't want to enter another historical hoo-haa and i have to pay for it when I know I'm not going to be impressed again. So off we go to the Palace Square and Alexander Column nearby, and the General Staff Building was in the vicinity.

Palace Square with Alexander Column

The General Staff Building

As we made our way back to our lodgings - I took the view around the famous Prospekt Nevskij (The main street in St. Petersburg) 

I had to take this. A Roman Catholic church! Me being an RC - I had an urge to do so :P

Okay - officially we have covered most of the main attractions of St. Petersburg - and we have to get back to our lodgings and pack for our next destination: MOSCOW!!!

So we got on a VERY VERY comfortable train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Now this is what you call a pleasant journey!

Good night!

I guess I couldn't sleep yet - my stomach was growling. 

Hungry~~~~ Train cafe, here I come!

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