Tuesday, January 5

Day 5: Storming Moscow

Okay, now we've reached Moscow! First things first, let's head to our apartment!

Aww - this is the owner's cat.

WOW - and we have a piano at home too! Coolness~~

Okay - basically this is our last day of quality holiday. Tomorrow is going to be super-packing day for uncle and aunty (going back to Malaysia) and for us (going back to Kursk - sigh~~)

Where to: The Red Square, Kremlin, and the Arbat Street.

Kremlin at the Red Square

Supposedly you make wishes on this spot as you throw a coin over your shoulder.

The Red Square

Who wants to take pictures with Lenin?

This place just attracted my attention.

Arbat Street!

Statue of Russia's most famous poet Alexander Pushkin, and his wife.

Spring Shopping Complex

Mu-Mu Cafe.

Okay - I think this is enough for our holiday...




I guess I have to do it tomorrow then.

But will I succeed in the rush?

*crossing fingers*

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