Tuesday, January 5

Day 6: Storming Moscow


The dreaded day came.


Okay - there is no use whining. Better make the most of the limited time that we had.

Poor thing. Saw him on the streets begging for money. Curse those humans who forced these poor animals to attend to their  unnecessary needs.

Woke up. Packed everything although it was nearly impossible. One-hour journey to Domodedovo International Airport. Had lunch there. Bid farewell to uncle and aunty. Went back to Moscow City centre by the aero-express. Checked the time of our train back to Kursk. 

7 p.m. 

What is the time now?

5.30 p.m.

DRATZ. I have at most 1 hour to shop!

Darn it.

Let's start!


Uber-cool tie with shades of blue and hints of silver from Mexx. Valued at 5430 roubles.

Black cardigan-jacket from Zara Homme. Valued at 3990 roubles.

Black cardigan with purple borders from Bershka. Valued at 1290 roubles.

Okay - these 3 are enough! What is the time now? 

6.30 p.m.!

Okay - good bye Moscow! Till we meet again soon! I've got a train to catch!

Oh and we met some really friendly and cool Russian youngsters on board, and we became instant friends!

Nice to meet you, Anton Yakovlev & Anyuta Yeliseeva!

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