Tuesday, January 5

My 23rd Birthday: 29th November 2009

Happy 23rd Birthday Max!

My Birthday is my happiest day of the year - IMHO.
Well basically it's because the spotlight is on ME only.
My your telephone will get flooded by congratulatory SMSes.
Not forgetting my Facebook wall too - will be scribbled by a lot of well wishers.
My friends will try their best to surprise me with a party of some sort.
Or if that doesn't work out, they will just treat me on a birthday dinner.
And the most exciting part is when the gift is brought out - I just don't know what is it!

Thank you everyone for making my 23rd Birthday a memorable one.
I will cherish these memories as long as I can remember.
Love you all!

These are people whom I hold close and dear to my heart.

Thanks for the lovely gifts! You guys knew what I liked the most - chocolates and perfumes!

[ <3 Thank you <3 ]

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